Welcome to our career

Founded in 2013, INSOMNIA GROUP strives to produce quality products with care at every step. Start from finding creative inspirations, to systems oriented planning, and searching for top quality ingredients then handing out to professional technicians in each branch to sew and embellish each item to perfection. Custom-made service is also provided to fit a customer’s specific body, as well as our friendly staffs’ service. These are the devotion of hard-working from every department in the organization that reflects quality in all aspects and ready to drive the brands in INSOMNIA GROUP to be internationally recognized.

Due to rapid growth, and critical success of INSOMNIA GROUP Family, based in Bangkok, Thailand, our expansions need many positions time to time such as Fashion Designer, Assistant Fashion Designer, Merchandiser, Brand Manager/Executive, Digital Marketing, Graphic Designer, Marketing, Accounting, Administrative officer, HRs, Personal Consultant and even production team such as Tailor, Pattern, Fabric Cutter and etc.

You can send us your full details of C.V. through insomnia_byvara@outlook.com your information will be kept strictly confidential, if there are any vacancies happened with matched your qualifications, we will contact you directly.